VASPACK SL was founded in 1991, and since, its biggest target has been to offer its clients the highest service quality levels combining agility in response time and exigencies of the CLIENTS. 

The experience of VASPACK is guaranteed by being logistics provider for over 25 years for various multinational companies, especially in the automotive industry (Ford, Volkswagen Group and various suppliers). Now we are focusing in e-commerce logistics applying all our experience to this expanding market.

Our facilities have gone from the initial 2,000 sqm to current 15,000 sqm, always updating their equipment to the latest communications technologies, logistics advances and security.

The high level of customer satisfaction is generated by the versatility, agility and responsiveness of VASPACK which is far superior to that of our competitors , enabling warehouses, space, staff and special facilities provided in record time and working continuously in collaboration with our client.

Our Experience

Packing and manipulations – 25 years
Logistic warehousing – 19 years
Consolidation – 17 years
e-commerce management- 7 years

Main Services Offered

Logistic Warehousing

Load and unload of seafreight containers and LKW. Palleting, logistic warehouse for all sizes of products, picking and order preparation.


We are integrated in parcelling courier Tips@ network for distribution of express parcels. We also provide transport solutions for conventional transport in Spain, Portugal and all over the world.


Packaging, protecting, wrapping, retractile works, JIT secuenciations, special preparations and help all your diverse logistic needs.


Logistics for online shops. Warehousing, picking and preparation of orders, including delivery to the final clients via our courier agency Tips@

Our specialisation:

Quality Services

Backed by over 25 years of service in the demanding automotive industry, and certified by TÜV in ISO 9001, we apply our expertise to all business sectors . We offer quality service and all the closeness, trust and flexibility that allows our structure . As part of the Tips @ network, our distribution service has a percentage higher than 99% effective .




No fix costs

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Logistics can be a heavy weight for most of the companies.

Financially sustaining warehouse rental, people, machinery, time… is not always profitable, especially in growing periods where big decisions must be made and are hard and expensive to control.

OR it can be a great help and one of the legs of your success: for some companies, this would be impossible without a good logistic partner.

Having this costs in a variable basis is basic:

In Vaspack we will only invoice the space you use, and only the preparations you need. No fix costs. You just pay for what you need.


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We have been working for over 25 years for the demanding automotive industry, and 15 years for other not less important sectors, such us gourmet, toys, furniture, cosmetics, or pharmacy, in our different activities.

We have a wide experience in conventional warehousing but also in cross-docking, drop-shipping, JIT, special preparations, supply chain parts…

We close the logistic circle from your suppliers to your final clients. Just think of your sales and lean the logistics on US.




Main Services Offered


A big variety of warehousing typologies permit us to match your needs, regardless if your product are little knots and sparrows, or 2 tons machinery. We also have special warehouses for high value or pilferable products

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Packing, packaging, JIT secuencies, special preparations for events or seasonal sells, retraclite, whatever you could think of.

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National and international transports, we can arrange the best, cheapest, most effective way to transport your goods, matching your exact needs in every delivery, and also careing about the follow up and incidences solving.

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We receive, store and distribute your online store. With NO FIX COSTS, we prepare your orders to be sent to your clients after your petition. We keep you informed of the situation of each order ontime and online.

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Reception, preparation and re-expedition of your goods for short stays.

Consolidation of your different supppliers and preparation of multiple goods orders.

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